Research funding.

In recent years, The Castang Foundation has funded research in partnership with other organisations. We do not consider applications from researchers outside the following funding mechanisms:


The Castang Foundation is supporting the development of future neurodisability research leaders. As part of our plans, The Castang Foundation is pleased to be working in partnership with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Academy to co-fund an NIHR-Castang Advanced Fellowship in 2019.

Applications for Advanced Fellowships are now open, and close at 1300 Tuesday 3rd December 2019. Further information on the Fellowships can be found here, and how to apply can be found on the NIHR webpage along with the relevant applicant Guidance Notes.

For further information contact:


BACD – Castang Foundation Funding Awards (annually 2016–2019)

BACD and The Castang Foundation support UK research that includes children with neurodisability and their families, and are working together to invite research applications to improve the evidence around what treatments and interventions are effective, or not effective for children and families.

The aim of the awards is to gather pilot and feasibility data that leads to an application for a large definitive National Institute for Health Research, Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust, or Charity funded study into treatments or interventions for children with any type of neurodisability.

A key impact of the research will be that the research has the potential to make a real difference to the lives of children with neurodisability and their families within 3–5 years of the definitive application.

Up to £60,000 funding is available for UK research projects lasting 12–18 months.

Previously, The Castang Foundation co-funded research with the Charity Sparks.

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Childhood neurodisability is very common – most people know at least one family where a child has disability due to a neurological condition. The Castang Foundation funds one or two new research projects each year. However, we would like to increase the amount of research we fund. Your donation to The Castang Foundation could part or completely fund research that could change children’s lives.

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